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Director NARL
Prof. A Jayaraman,
Director, NARL

In recent days, climate change is posing unprecedented and serious challenges to all life forms on Earth. There is now an overwhelming consensus that human activities are responsible for affecting the composition of Earth’s atmosphere. In order to take stock of the progress achieved and to discuss the way forward, international conference on ‘Understanding, Predicting and projecting Climate change over Asian Region (UPCAR)’ will be jointly organized by S.V. University and NARL during 26-28 June 2017. The main goal of the conference is to facilitate interaction and collaborations among Indian scientists and with international counter parts working in the area of climate science. Scientists, research scholars and students from various institutions across the country are invited to participate in this conference.

Vice Chancellor, SVU
Prof. A Damodaram,
Vice-Chancellor, S.V.University
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